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Deep Histories of Oceania

Oceania presents a unique setting for trans-disciplinary enquiry into the processes of socio-cultural evolution and diversification, and the influence of different environmental settings on these processes.
Deep Histories of Oceania

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The Deep Histories of Oceania project received AFRAN funding in 2020-21 in support of a series of online workshops that assemble a wide range of disciplines and institutions engaged in research on the full sweep of human history in Oceania, with a focus on the Southwest Pacific region. The workshops are designed to familiarise French and Australian participants with each other's research interests and goals, to identify new areas for collaborative cross-disciplinary research, and to seek funding opportunities for nominated projects. A first workshop in December introduced participants from France (CNRS, Institut Pasteur, Muséum national d'Histoire naturelle) and the Australian National University to each other, and mapped project goals. A second workshop, scheduled for 21 April, will feature a number of "testable propositions", each designed to coordinate and integrate the perspectives of multiple disciplines in the exploration of historical or theoretical challenges that lie beyond the independent reach of any single discipline. A third workshop, in June or July, will then develop a selection of these propositions as funding bids.

If you are interested in committing to concrete collaborative projects, please express your interest to:

Christopher Ballard Chris.Ballard@anu.edu.au

or Laurent Dousset laurent.dousset@pacific-credo.fr

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