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Congratulations to Céline d’Orgeville, AFRAN member and laureate of the Translational Fellowships Pr

The ANU Translational Fellowship Program aims to advance promising researchers and promote enhanced opportunities for diverse career pathways within and alongside government, end-users and industry. This program, aligned with the ANU Strategic Plan, aims to break down the barriers between universities, society and industry, and to provide the support and incentive for researchers to take their ideas outside the University.

The Program is designed to allow and support researchers to move seamlessly between industry, government, business and academic settings.

Congratulations to Associate Professor Celine d’Orgeville (RSAA) who has been awarded $600,000 over 3 years to develop translational research with partners outside academia. Celine develops novel laser technologies for laser guide star adaptive optics applications in astronomy, space surveillance, and laser communications.

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