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French-Australian collaboration on surface waters

CSIRO and GISHEDD organized a workshop on "surface waters" in Sydney on October 5th, sponsored by the French FASIC fund, with the financial support of CSIRO, ANU, Monash and La Trobe universities to encourage French and Australian researchers to build solid and long-term collaborations. The workshop was the opportunity for researchers from both countries to meet and present their research.

The workshop was organized in order to encourage active brainstorming on the following topics:

  • Sediment dynamics in estuarine and coastal areas

  • Biomechanics

  • Applied Mathematics

  • Field Data Assimilation – ensemble prediction

  • Environmental Policy Analytics

After several presentations on each of these topics from both French and Australian sides, a session of collective intelligence allowed concrete projects to be identified: Applied mathematics in hydraulics, Data driven modelling, Comparison of CFD methods used in biomechanics, Risks and policy. Possible French and Australian funds have also been identified to initiate the following types of collaboration: exchange of students and researchers, joint supervision of Ph.D. students, organization of additional workshops both in France and in Australia, and using existing conventions between two organizations. One champion per theme will be identified and will be coordinating these initiatives.

Researchers with an interest in getting involved should contact

Jean-Michel Tanguy:

French and Australian researchers at the surface waters workshop beginning their 'collective intelligence' session.

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