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Launch of the PSL-L’Oréal "Beauté(s)" Chair

Launched by Université PSL, with the support of L’Oréal, the new research Chair « Beauté(s) » will create an ecosystem dedicated to interdisciplinary studies on the notion of beauty. As part of the launch, the Chair opens calls for applications: two doctoral contracts and one PSL-L’Oréal 2019 dissertation prize.

Located in the heart of Paris, PSL provides a world-class academic environment where disciplines intersect, mutually enhancing intellectual pursuits, where basic and applied research go hand-in-hand, and where universities and the corporate world interact.

L’Oréal offers its expertise in the service of women and men worldwide, meeting the infinite diversity of their beauty desires.

The scientific steering committee of the Chair is composed of Rémi Carminati (physicist), François Jouen (neuroscientist), Nadeije Laneyrie-Dagen (art historian), Jacques Leclaire (physicist and biochemist), Alexandra Palt (Chief Corporate Responsibility Officer & Executive Vice-President of the l’Oréal Foundation), Kaouther Adimi (program supervisor for the l’Oreal Foundation, writer), Anne-Marie Turcan-Verkerk (text historian), Frédéric Worms (philosopher). The committee may call on external experts on the requested topics.

Call for applications:

Doctoral contracts

2019 PSL-L’Oréal dissertation prize:

  • Deadline for applications: May 31, 2019 ; please submit your application to

  • Download the application package: Call for applications - Application package

  • The award ceremony will take place at the end of September 2019 following the opening conference of the Chair; the laureate is required to attend.

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