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2021 International Research Training Program Scholarship now open for applications

Macquarie University is continuing to collaborate around the world and is delighted to announce the 2021 International Research Training Program Scholarship (iRTP) and International Macquarie University Research Excellence Scholarship (iMQRES) round is now open. We would like to encourage candidates from all our partner institutions to consider applying for these scholarships. At the same time candidates should be aware that these scholarships are highly competitive and are awarded to only the highest-ranked candidates.

The selection processes for candidates commencing in 2021 will predominantly be based on candidate ratings but will also include considerations of the Research Environment. This may include an evaluation of the alignment of the candidate’s project with Macquarie University’s research strategy and research priorities, the quality of the supervisory team and the international standing of the research area. Supervisors are encouraged to engage co-supervisors bringing complementary expertise. Please note that all applicants must provide evidence of communication with the relevant Department/Centre/Faculty prior to application.

Relevant information on the 2021 international round for Partners and applicants can be found on the MQ website.

Please also be sure to refer to:

Any questions regarding the round can be directed to

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