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Enroll for the webinar on "Tips on pitching to The Conversation"!

Organise a webinar on Tips on pitching to The Conversation

Wednesday 21st of July 2021 12 pm to 1 pm AEST Online

In this Zoom presentation, Executive Editor Liz Minchin will explain how to pitch new articles about your research, and offer rapid expert analysis of issues in the news.

She will then be available to answer your questions.

More about The Conversation:

The Conversation Australia & New Zealand is a not-for-profit publisher, funded primarily by its university and research partners, and by voluntary donations from readers. It has a mainly non-academic audience of 8.3 million users on-site a month (in April 2021 alone) — and millions more through the free republication in other media internationally. There are seven other multilingual editions of The Conversation worldwide, including two editions in French: The Conversation France and The Conversation Canada-FR. Everything The Conversation publishes is free to read, share and republish. For more about how it works, read this.

More about the speaker:

Liz Minchin is a Walkley award-winning journalist and author, with two decades of experience in newspapers, radio and online.She was a reporter and news editor at The Age newspaper for a decade, before working as a media trainer, then a producer for the ABC. In 2010, Liz co-authored 'Screw Light Bulbs' — a plain English guide to how Australia could get serious about tackling climate change. She joined The Conversation in 2012 and regularly delivers Pitching and Writing Masterclasses for researchers across Australia and New Zealand.


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