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First Research “BLUE CHAIR” at IFREMER


Ifremer’s research units in Nantes have a scientific identity focused on the interactions between sea and health, in a global One Health approach (environmental, animal and human health). The quality of marine waters and the contaminations that affect them; the land-sea continuum and the cumulative impacts of human activities; the management of aquaculture and fisheries resources; as well as ocean engineering are fields of science explored at Ifremer.

The Bleu Chairs scheme:

In order to develop new fields of research, Ifremer sets up a new scheme, the «Blue Chairs», for a maximum duration of 5 years on two scientific topics: cumulative impacts on the marine environment and contaminants, sea and health.

Terms of the call:

Candidates must have a minimum of 4 years of experience after obtaining their PhD. The appointed candidate will be awarded funding for a maximum of 5 years, that will cover the scientist salary, at least one PhD student and one post-doctoral student, together with operating costs and possibly investment costs.


Ifremer Scientific Director,

Ifremer Atlantic Research Center Director,

Download more information:

Call Ifremer Blue Chairs
Download PDF • 1.83MB


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