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Incoming events at the Alliance Française in Perth

The Alliance Française de Perth is organizing two upcoming free events that could be of interest :

  • Saturday 28th of November at 10pm, live stream broadcast of Pierre-Emmanuel Le Goff's film “16 sunrise”, a documentary about and with Thomas Pesquet, the brilliant and famous French astronaut, film made during his last space mission Proxima. This event is organised by The French institute in Paris in partnership with the Alliance Française de Perth in Australia.

  • Friday 11th of December at 10am, a Café Scientifique at the AF on The contribution of chemistry to renewable energies. Elodie Rousset is a scientist specialised in inorganic chemistry, an area of chemical science exploring the properties of the metal elements of the periodic table. She pursued her international Masters and joint PhDs living between France and Canada. For the past five years, she has been working between France and Australia on the properties of lanthanide elements, one of the often-forgotten rows at the bottom of the periodic table! Part of Elodie’s research included the development of molecules capable of mimicking the photosynthesis function of plants. Transforming sunlight into usable energy falls into one of the biggest challenges our world is currently facing: developing renewable energies to reduce our consumption of fossil fuels. In this café scientifique, Elodie will present the contribution of chemistry to the grand plan of renewable energy development with a focus on the potential of hydrogen economy.The presentation will be followed by a discussion and Q&A.


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