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SMARTS-UP international scholarships

Deadline for applications: 19 January 2024

More than 250 international students have already benefited from the scholarships offered by the SMARTS-UP project. The aim of this project is to help international students enter the Graduate Schools of Université Paris Cité, France.

This scholarship facilitates the enrolment of international students into the various Master's programmes offered by the Graduate Schools of Université Paris Cité, France.

Duration: 1 year

Value: 10 000 euros

Attribution: More than 160 scholarships per year

Deadline: 19 January 2024, before 5pm CET

The SMARTS-UP project:

  • 26 Graduate Schools combining research-informed and transdisciplinary teaching

  • Offering an extensive range of post-graduate degrees in medical & natural , engineering, social sciences & humanities.

  • Preparing scientists and future leaders to tackle global challenges

  • Helping students to develop a close relationship with the teaching and research staff

  • Supporting professional networking outside of academia

Applications can be submitted on the smarts-up platform:


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