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The Australian-French Association for Research and Innovation (AFRAN) aims to actively promote the development of cooperation between France and Australia in the areas of research and innovation.

AFRAN stems from a merger between the French Researchers in Australia Network (FRAN), formed by the French Embassy in Australia in 2012, and the Australian-French Association for Science and Technology (AFAS ACT Inc.). AFRAN is an Incorporated Association, managed under the legal framework of the Australian Capital Territory, and has a national remit.

AFRAN was officially launched on the 13th of September 2016 by the Ambassador of France to Australia.

The Association’s goals are to provide Australian and French researchers, R&D managers, industry players, innovators and policy makers with frameworks to enable collaboration, cooperation, innovation and transformative thinking beyond the capability of individuals. AFRAN provides tools to initiate and grow bilateral research collaboration and bilateral innovation with global impact. It organises networking events and conferences. It also coordinates a network of experts and acts as a think tank for innovation to support research and technology communities as well as industry.

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