The AFRAN Alumni Community is the bilateral French-Australian network of current or former students who have benefited from an international experience between France and Australia. Its missions are to create opportunities for members involved in the bilateral relationship, and to ensure the continued development of the community by promoting student exchanges and academic experiences in the two countries. It keeps its members connected, informed and involved.

As part of AFRAN, members benefit from the exclusive news, grants and opportunities available to the Franco-Australian research sector and can also join the different AFRAN scientific communities. This community is also supported by the Campus France Australia agency, a branch of the French public institution in charge of promoting higher education worldwide and managing the mobility of students and researchers.

The network is coordinated by the Alumni Community Leaders, who assist in organising events for members and for current or potential students who wish to undertake studies, research or a professional experience in France and in Australia.



The 2021 recruitment campaign for Alumni Community Leaders in Australia, France and the Pacific is open!