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Frédéric CHERQUI is Associate Professor at the University Lyon 1 and INSA Lyon, France. He is also Honorary Senior Fellow at The University of Melbourne. He has 15+ years research experience in urban water management, performance assessment, asset management and decision aid methods. He is currently working on asset management of Nature-Based Solutions dedicated to stormwater management, and on the development of low-cost monitoring systems for water infrastructure. Frederic is vice-chair of an international working group dedicated to Urban Drainage Asset Management, and is the co-leader of the Nature-based Solution working group of the Water Europe Association.


Dr Marie Bodinier is research director at the French National Research Institute for Agriculture, Food and Environment (INRAE, BIA unit, Allergy team).  She is a qualified immunologist and researcher with expertise in allergic disease. She is leading translational research to understand the early mechanisms of allergy development and to establish perinatal nutritional strategies for allergy prevention. Currently, she is coordinating the clinical trial PREGRALL assessing the effects of prebiotics supplementation during pregnancy for allergy prevention and the ancillary study CIMMAP. She is an official collaborator of the Telethon Kids Institute, Perth, Australia since 2016.



Jean-Michel Tanguy, retired from the ministry of Ecology, is presently president of the Group of Scientific Interest “Hydraulics for Ecology and Sustainable Development”. He spent his whole career in the field of water surface modeling, teaching in universities the finite element method. In 2005 he created and was the first director of the National Service of Flood Forecasting (SCHAPI). His main topic of interest is now the development of very fast analytical models usable in flood forecasting and climate change impact.


Thierry Corrège joined the Embassy of France in September 2020 as Science and Higher Education Attaché. Before that, he had been professor of Earth and Marine Sciences at the University of Bordeaux since 2005, and deputy director of the EPOC (Continental and Oceanic Paleoenvironments and Environments) laboratory (U. Bordeaux/CNRS). He gained a PhD in geology from ANU in 1993, then joined the IRD (French National Research Institute of Sustainable Development) with postings in France, New Caledonia and Australia, before moving on to the University of Bordeaux. He has published more than sixty scientific papers on tropical paleoclimatology and the El Niño phenomenon.

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