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SafeCluster is currently involved in the Fireurisk project, focusing on the development of a curriculum for firefighters. The curriculum aims to address strategies for suppressing fires during extreme fire situations and fires in WUI (Wildland-Urban Interface) areas.

To develop this curriculum, an online survey was conducted to collect best practices from various European countries in combatting extreme fires and fires in WUI. The survey received participation from ten countries, including Portugal, Spain, France, Italy, Greece, Germany, Ireland, Russia, Croatia, and also South Africa.

To validate the survey results and to ensure the relevance of the curriculum, expert interviews are scheduled to take place in the last week of May. These interviews will gather expert opinions on the most appropriate fire suppression strategies for different types of extreme fire behavior, as well as specific tactics and equipment to extinguish fires in WUI areas. The survey results, along with a literature study and insights from the expert interviews, will be integral to the curriculum development process.


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