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Follow up on the OzFink workshop

The OzFink workshop was held in Melbourne between the 3 and 5th of May 2023. Over 50 simultaneous participants were present both in person and online representing Australia, France and other countries around the world. The goal of the workshop was to create community around time-domain astronomy and to prepare to harness the power of the largest optical telescope in the world at the Rubin Observatory to study explosive events in the Universe. Rubin LSST will have first light in 2024.

We had a very dynamic schedule with talks about Fink broker, Rubin Observatory, Australia LSST involvement, astronomical facilities at all wavelengths both in Australia and New Zealand, high-energy, radio, optical, gravitational wave transients, variables, potential theoretical observations, services in Australia, discussion sessions, and much more! Full program

We are grateful for the final remarks by Swinburne’s VC Professor Pascale Quester and the attendance of the CNRS Oceania representative Thierry Correge. We also thank the Australian-French Association for Research and Innovation (AFRAN), ARC Center of Excellence OzGrav, and CNRS IN2P3 for their support.


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