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Pacific Futures - Digital Student research Workshop

25 June 8:00-11:00 am AEST

A workshop to hear emerging Pacific voices

This workshop will bring together students from Australia and the francophone Pacific to explore a complex question concerning their lives and livelihoods: how should the region respond to the next global pandemic? They will articulate their responses to this question from their various disciplinary perspectives, but also deeply personal standpoints. The result will be a highly engaging regional forum to grapple with concepts related to public health management, profound economic disruptions, deep social change, and geopolitical transformations. This initiative led by the University of New Caledonia, the Newcastle International College and the University of Newcastle, with the support of AFRAN, seeks to create an undergraduate research network as a future AFRAN node.

Download the Flyer:

Pacific Futures Flyer (002)
Download PDF • 621KB


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