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The Ocean Innovators® AI Workshop in Melbourne

The workshop in Melbourne on Artificial Intelligence innovation for ocean protection and management took place at Monash University on 24 November 2023. With a commitment to steering sustainable change, attendees discussed AI solutions for the future of our oceans.

This event marked a dynamic convergence of minds, igniting innovation, fostering cultural exchange, and

propelling sustainability.

Innovators and experts joined the workshop on AI, and explored topics ranging from conservation to cutting-edge marine technology systems, including:

• Climate change and weather event forecast;

• Sea level rise and ocean current modelling;

• Impacts of wind farms on birds and mammals;

• Digital twin and data gaps;

• Detection of fish and pests (e.g., Crown of Thorns);

• Monitoring human impact (e.g., Ghost nets);

• Defense, illegal fishing & border protection

• Noise pollution in the ocean;

• Surveying and control of uncrewed vehicles.

Guided by an exceptional panel of speakers, and led by Jonathan Chang from Silverpond, the discussion covered cases and challenges in marine surveying with AI. Paul Scerri from Platypus highlighted the potential of AI integrated to fleets of Unmanned Surface Vehicles (USVs). Ocean Innovators' host Vic GROSJEAN underscored the pivotal role AI plays in marine systems. The workshop created links between participating organisations across academia, industry and not-for-profit.

The Ocean Innovators® series of event is a testament to the power of collaboration and the human spirit's capacity for change. Through dialogue, innovative ideas, and a shared commitment to the United Nations' Sustainable Development Goals, our scientific gatherings highlight the oceans' pivotal role in our planet's well-being. For those who missed out on this event, the journey with Ocean Innovators® continues, promising more events and opportunities to shape our oceans' destiny in 2024.

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