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The Outer Space Film Quartet

A Movies and space experience

Thursday 3 August, 5:30pm

The Street Theatre

The Outer Space Film Quartet, is a suite of experimental films (Moonrise, Musca, Memorabilia, Requiem) created by film maker and anthropologist team Ceridwen Dovey and Rowena Potts, contemplates human relationships with landscapes on Earth and in outer space. These themes will be explored through a round table discussion following the films where our film makers will be joined by Leslie Barnes, Associate Professor of French at the ANU School of Literature, Languages and Linguistics; Dr Brad Tucker an Astrophysicist and Cosmologist, whose work involves exploding stars called supernovas; and Alex Jorden, a Senior Exhibition Developer at Questacon. Join our panel as they question emotions and ethics in our explorations of space, and examine the intersection between space, the arts and popular culture.

This event is part of the WELLSPRING: ENQUIRY AND EXCHANGE

For the curious and hungry – Wellspring is a series of immersive events exploring new depths of cultural enquiry and exchange. From Cleopatra to the diagnostic encounter, the bush to the International Space Station, have your creativity sparked by the deep well of research and knowledge in Canberra. An exciting collaboration between The Street Theatre and the ANU School of Literature, Languages and Linguistics, Wellspring invites you to experience inexhaustible sources of human creativity and communication.

image credits: Paolo Nespoli and Roland Miller, courtesy of NASA and ASI


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