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Webinar: International Partnerships In The Time of Covid-19

How to sustain scientific and academic collaborations between France & Australia during and after a pandemic?

How will international partnerships be affected by this crisis? Meet our 4 speakers to answer these questions: Global crisis, global impact: towards a reshape of international collaborations? Abid Kahn, DVC Global Engagement, Monash University Sustaining a strategic partnership: PSL/ANU case study Minh-Hà Pham, VP International, Paris Sciences & Lettres University Student mobility: short, mid and long term perspectives Tania Rhodes-Taylor, Vice Principal external relations, University of Sydney Sustaining research collaborations Jean-Paul Toutain, Director of the CNRS Office for ASEAN and Oceania

Q&A session Moderator: Nicolas Duhaut, attaché for science and higher education, Embassy of France in Australia

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