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2 Post-doctoral research positions at ISAE SUPAERO

Two post-doctoral research positions are now open to applications at the world leader aerospace institution ISAE-SUPAERO as part of the programme Make your Planet Great Again.

The deadline to apply is June 17 for both subjects. The start of the position is scheduled from early 2021. Australia is one of the 48 eligible countries.

"Enhancing Coastal Monitoring, Predicting Extreme Storm Events, Coastal Erosion and Sea Level Changes with Artificial Intelligence"

This position concerns the field of oceanography and more precisely bathymetry. The objective is to improve monitoring of the coastal aeras in order to predict storms, coastal erosion and ocean levels. This topic will be studied in collaboration between ISAE-SUPAERO and the Observatoire Midi-Pyrénées (OMP).

"Noise prediction for ultra - low emissions boundary - layer ingestion airframe shapes and electric propulsion layouts" This position deals with aeroacoustics of innovative aeropropulsive architectures, especially for future electric-powered aircraft as part of the energy transition.

For more details, you can contact:

Dennis Wilson for topic (1) and

Romain Gojon for topic (2),

copying Mikhaïl Stepanov for both. [if !supportLineBreakNewLine] [endif]

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