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Apéro Scientifique - Adelaide

AFRAN and the Alliance Française in Adelaide have organised a scientific apero to tell you the scientific adventure of the COVID sniffer dogs!

An Australian-French collaboration between the National veterinary School of Alfort and the University of Adelaide demonstrated that dogs can be trained to detect people infected with the Covid-19 virus with a greater sensitivity than a conventional PCR test, even during the incubation period...

Dr Anne-Lise Chaber, Senior Lecturer at the School of Animal and Veterinary Science at the University of Adelaide is a One Health expert who focuses on cross-disciplinary approach to Human, Animal and Ecosystem Health. She explain the outcomes of her collaboration with France, and could exchange with the publicabout the training of COVID sniffer dogs.

This event was accompanied by complimentary wine and cheese, just as a French apéro!


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