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Art and Environmental Concerns in Oceania symposium

Cultural expressions of climate change across the French-speaking islands in the South Pacific

15–17 February 2023, The University of Sydney

The symposium will address key and urgent questions for the region: What can literature, film, music, and the arts do in the face of climate change? How can writers, filmmakers and artists (not limited to French-speaking Oceania) be part of the fight against climate change? What role does culture play in retaining and recording what has been lost, and in shaping a common future for the South Pacific? In troubled political times and pressing environmental challenges for the region, how can culture create and mend connections between people?

This event is made possible thanks to a Pacific Funds grant from the French Embassy and organized by French and Francophone Studies in the School of Languages and Cultures at the University of Sydney, in partnership with the Power Institute for Art and Visual Culture and the Sydney Environment Institute.


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