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FAR in the Deep Blue - 22-24 March - Brisbane

This series of events aim to promote French and Australian research in marine sciences in the Pacific region, and to raise awareness on ocean issues. AFRAN is partnering with the Queensland museum to be part of the World Science Festival this year in Brisbane!

These events will be held in parallel with a French industry delegation visit in Brisbane (“Pôle Mer” delegation) working on ocean technologies, to optimise networking opportunities.

22 March - 6.30-10pm

Screening : Le Grand Bleu / The big Blue

The Alliance Français in Brisbane is organising a special event with the screening of "Le Grand Bleu"! Immerse yourself in 80’s nostalgia and marvel at the coastline of the dazzling Greek islands with this beautifully restored Luc Besson retro-cult-classic!

Venue: Palace Barracks (61 Petrie Terrace BRISBANE, QLD 4000)

23 March - 23 April

Photo exhibition: « 1 OCEAN »: photos from the French artist Alexis Rosenfeld.

This beautiful series of photos by French photojournalist Alexis Rosenfeld reveals ocean wonders, and reminds us the role photography plays in the fight to preserve our biodiversity and environment, to record our endangered nature, to create connections between people, and to shape a common future for our Oceans.

Venue: Muse Café - Queensland Museum


24 March - 6-9pm

Cinéma Scientifique: Screening of short movies followed by 20 minutes discussions with French and Australian experts.

Oceans are as precious as they are vulnerable. They provide food and oxygen, regulate our climate, and are home to a wide variety of species, but they are threatened by pollution, destruction of habitats, overfishing, and climate change. Join us for a short-movies-discussion night, to learn more about oceans with experts.

Venue: Theatre - Queensland Museum

Included in the World Science Festival Social Science Friday, the ticket gives you access to all the events on that night:

This month we’re helping Social Science transform the Queensland Museum into a hub of science entertainment! Join us on Friday 24th March for Cinema Scientifique where we’ll screen short-films and host expert discussions about our threatened ocean eco-systems. With something to discover on every floor of the museum, Social Science will immerse you in experimental fun. Book now and get 20% off with the promocode WSFBGUEST23.

More info on Cinema scientifique


  • Hybrids (6 minutes).

When marine wildlife has to adapt to the pollution surrounding it, the rules of survival change. Hybrids is an animated short film directed in 2017 by 5 French artists during their studies at MoPA, animation school in France. In this film, the seabed is littered with tires, fish are made of cans, and turtles of pots, the shells of crabs is a capsule of beer... a movie to reflex on our ecological responsibility and actions.

  • 52 mètres plus tard / 52 metres later (7minutes)

New Caledonia. Puré Kwé, a 12 year old boy has finally found the old pig trap about which Nûnûû, his grandfather often talks about. Although no one has seen pigs since The Event, Puré Kwé tries to fix the trap, when he is interrupted by Anyââ, his grandmother… A movie about climate change and the rising of sea level.

  • Nonoy et le monstre des mers / Nonoy and the sea monster (2.30 minutes)

Through the story of Nonoy, a little Filipino boy, the film revisits the issue of overfishing and invites us to think about the social and environmental impacts of our fish consumption

on developing countries. This short film was directed by Wildruf Film for WWF.

  • Comment aider les coraux à survivre ? / How to help corals survive ? (9 minutes)

Everywhere on the planet, the decline of the coral reef seems inexorable. But scientists have not said their last word! In this report in French Polynesia, a team of researchers is trying to reverse the trend by helping coral adapt to climate change.


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