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Follow up on the Future of New Caledonia Webinar

The Pacific-Australia Youth Association with AFRAN's support recently held their webinar, ‘The Future of New

Caledonia’, on Wednesday 24 November 2021 at 7pm AEDT via Zoom.

Attracting over 100 registrations for the virtual event, amongst which many distinguished guests, this project was to give a space for young people to express their views on New Caledonia's future.

Different panelists spoke about the uncertainties among young people and the importance of allowing youth to realise their potential by empowering them. Others spoke of the fact that the different youths from across the different provinces and islands do not meet or always interact together. Some shared about their experiences growing up in different parts of New Caledonia and how their culture and upbringing has influenced their worldview.

The group also talked about the importance of being open to what is being done elsewhere, allowing New Caledonia to shape its path and future. Several of them spoke about the importance of the past and history in order to move forward. There was a lot of optimism from the speakers about what young people can and have already achieved.

Various questions were asked from the audience members, including New Caledonia’s role in the Pacific, allowing locals to access employment opportunities and how to work together towards a common destiny. The youth also discussed ways to create more activities for young people to keep them engaged and to encourage them to contribute to local sectors after they finish their studies.

The discussion was an enriching exchange between five young people from New Caledonia who shared their reflections about their island and the challenges that lie ahead.


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