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One sustainable health

The OSH Forum is an inclusive and collaborative approach to assist all stakeholders on the path towards universal health and the 2030 SDGs. It is a project of general interest, abounding in valuable, tangible and operational exchanges, and its main purpose is to come up with followed recommendations and initiate innovative actions.

Its Forum was held on 7 July 2021. Learn more about the six topics:

1. Mitigating the impact of environmental pollution, climate change and pressure on biodiversity to reduce diseases.

2. Towards sustainable food and nutrition.

3. Adapting human-environment paradigms for a better human and planetary health.

4. Equitable access to quality healthcare.

5. Global levers of change to foster One Sustainable Health.

6. Developing OSH practices and resilience within indigenous and other local communities.

... and wach the video of the Forum !


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