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7 laureates for the AFRAN Call for initiatives 2018!

The Australian-French Association for Research and Innovation (AFRAN) has awarded $25,000 in grants to support member-led collaborative initiatives tackling major societal issues facing Australia and France. Seven laureate projects have been selected through a competitive selection process, demonstrating the excellence and dynamism of French-Australian research collaborations.

Dr Katherine Daniell, AFRAN President, emphasized the importance of building on successful French-Australian links: “These grants are designed to support initiatives that federate and build thematic, cross-sectorial communities around research and innovation areas of strategic importance for France and Australia, including Artificial Intelligence, data and society; Health and Space.” The areas covered by the submitted project proposals illustrate the breadth and depth of the French-Australian collaboration and the involvement of researchers from a wide range of institutions in both countries.

AFRAN is an incorporated non-for-profit association launched in Sept 2016 with the mission to initiate, foster and scale up collaborations in research and innovation between France and Australia. “AFRAN has grown significantly since its launch and we encourage researchers, entrepreneurs and policy-makers to register for free at to access the information, support and networks the association has to offer,” noted Thomas Biedermann, AFRAN Secretary.

AFRAN funding will support the following initiatives:

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