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Internatinal Symposium of Aromatic, Medicinal & Cosmetic Plants - Nature and Culture: from knowl

From 19 to 23 November 2018 in Tahiti.

France holds a very special place through its overseas territories comprising 80% of its biodiversity, mainly found in the tropical islands of Antilles, Indian and Pacific oceans.

France possesses the second largest exclusive economy zone (EEZ) in the world and French Polynesia represents more than 40% of the French marine area.

There are more than 12 900 endemic plant and animal species in the French overseas island territories. More than 70 medicinal plants from overseas are now registered in the French pharmacopoeia.

The valuation of this terrestrial and marine biodiversity is an innovative driving force of economic development in which science plays a major role.

More about the symposium on this link

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