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Establishment of an Earth Observation Platform to Support Pacific Island Nation Environmental, Clima

Thursday 11 - Friday 12 October 2018, The Convention Centre in Brisbane

Island States in the Pacific have unique Earth observation needs. These islands are often small and remote and are developing their capacity to access and use Earth Observation (EO) data. This information is used to assess climate change impacts, for land use and environmental planning, and to report on the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

This initial workshop will be a good opportunity to anyone interested in building a shared understanding of the EO needs of the island states and cooperating to meet these needs in the future. The workshop will be supported by key stakeholders and attendees will include policy and technical leaders from the Pacific along with representatives from CSIRO, Geoscience Australia, New Zealand, the French Embassy, the EU and regional and international EO agencies amongst others.


  • Identify the EO needs of Pacific Island states for environmental monitoring and reporting

  • Identify areas of common interest and expertise between Australia, New Zealand, UK, France and the EU in regards to EO

  • Discuss opportunities and develop an action plan and/or proposals for implementation of a common data platform or distributed but interoperable data platforms, that meet the needs of the island states in the region and are linked to the common interests of EO providers

  • Set up an action plan for implementation of the EO Data platform(s)

Communicate the outcomes to high-level fora e.g. CEOS, GEO and APEC meetings.

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