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5 open-access podcasts from the funeral oration conference

The Athenian Funeral Oration: 40 Years after Nicole Loraux

9-11 July 2018

This international conference took place at the University of Strasbourg (France). Once a year, in democratic Athens, a funeral oration was delivered in honour of the war dead. For the Athenians it was a vitally important speech, because it reminded them who they were as a people and why they had sacrificed their sons in war. This conference aims to undertake the most thorough study of this genre in 40 years. The resulting book will be published by Cambridge University Press.

I am delighted to report that audio recordings of 5 papers from this Strasbourg conference are now available on an open-access basis.

The details of these 5 free podcasts are as follows:

Podcast 1

Peter Hunt, ‘Imagining Athens in the Assembly and on the Battlefield', First Keynote Address, with Opening Remarks by David M. Pritchard (in French)

Podcast 2

Dominique Lenfant, ‘The Funeral Oration as the Self-Portrait of Athenian Democracy (in French)’, Second Keynote Address, with Remarks on the Louis Gernet Centre by Violaine Sebillotte Cuchet (in French)

Podcast 3

Sophie Mills, ‘Making Athens Great Again’

Podcast 4

Bernhard Zimmermann, ‘“Back Then, When the Persians Came”: Old Comedy and the Funeral Oration (in German)’

Podcast 5

David M. Pritchard, ‘The Standing of Sailors in Democratic Athens’, Audio Recording with PowerPoint Slides

Conference Program

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