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First Australo-French Meeting on Innovation for Industry of the Future

October 15-16th, 2018 This meeting is co-organized by CentraleSupélec and Flinders University, with the participation of the GEMA Group and the support of AFRAN


Monday 15th October

10:00 Registration 10:30 – 11:30 Welcoming and general framework

  • Presidency CentraleSupélec (10mn)

  • Flinders University (10mn)

  • Officials (10mn)

11:30-12:00 Participants’ short introduction 12:00-12:15 Workshop introduction: Bernard Yannou (CentraleSupélec) and John Spoehr (Flinders University)

Buffet Lunch (free posters display)

14:00-17:00 Session 1: Industry 4.0 in the context of mega-projects, such as the submarine cooperation between France and Australia. What are the key challenging issues? The Australo-French cooperation on submarines is a mega-project in content and in duration. It is of a huge complexity and present challenging issues. To evoke a few of them: Project Management, Design of Complex Systems and its related Technical Data Management and Multidisciplinary Simulation Management, Cost Management, Risk Management, Quality and Value Management and, finally, all the innovation and R&D tasks which remain to be achieved. Session 1 is an opportunity for involved companies to express the numerous challenges they will have to face and for motivated academics to present their advances in this domain.

14:00-15:30 - 4 to 5 speakers for 10 min presentation + 5mn questions

  • Bernard Yannou (CentraleSupélec): “Illustrations of some challenging issues in the design and management of large technological projects”

  • John Spoehr (FU)

  • Invited speaker from partners

  • Company(-ies): Naval Group

15:30-17:00 - Brainstorming and propositions. Is it already possible to identify areas of mutual interest for joint activities between involved companies and motivated academics?

Coffee at disposal

20:00 Workshop dinner

Tuesday 16th October

8:30 Arrival/Welcome

9:00-12:30 Session 2 Open-innovation approach. A full eco-system to work together Working on the design and manufacturing of complex systems needs multiple cooperative stakeholders involved in multiple-scale programs. Cooperation between companies and HEIs, professionals and students, large groups and start-ups, from intensive projects and seminars to internships and joint doctorates… it is necessary to develop a specific environment and to nurture it. Visions and experiences on the Open-innovation approach will be shared and activities proposed together with their mechanisms.

9:00-10:30 4 to 5 speakers for 10mn presentation + 5mn Questions

  • Margaret Ledwith (FU)/(CS): Student industry co-venturing model – presentation of an example of co-developed CS and Flinders program.

  • Stephane Parcheminal (CS): Open-innovation Institute

  • Hervé Harvard (UTS): Innovation at UTS, the Rapido lab

  • Company(-ies)

10:30-12:15 Brainstorming and propositions. How to convert interest from Session 1 into defined joint activities/actions and to ensure open-innovation?

Coffee at disposal Buffet Lunch (free posters’ display)

13:30- 16:30 Session 3 Co-Developing innovation eco-systems and competencies, and ventures. Which collaborative platforms and activities best support competency development in innovation and entrepreneurship in the same context of submarine project? Higher Education Institutions (HEIs) have developed different strategies in term of project- or problem-based learning and in Innovation Methodologies. A diversity of learning situations are experimented in academia for developing students skills in innovation and entrepreneurship: team or individual projects, with company clients or research-oriented, year-long or intensive hackathon challenges, within university design lab or the company’s one. This session is the opportunity to share best practices and to propose common adapted forms of collaborations.

13:30-15:00 - 4 to 5 speakers for 10mn presentation + 5mn Questions Innovation competency building programs (Academic and Professional/ Executive) – examples

  • Margaret Ledwith (FU): Innovative manufacturing, Professional Certificate, UG education etc.

  • Franck Richecoeur (CS) / Eléonor Mounoud (CS): Project based learning and Competency evaluation

  • ENSTA-PT/Polytechnic: Innovation based curriculum

15:00-16:30 Brainstorming and Discussion. Which forms of collaborations do you think adequate for developing skills in innovation and entrepreneurship?

Coffee at disposal

16:45-17:15 Wrap-up and final conclusion

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