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Make our planet great again: master’s excellence grants and support for postdoctoral researchers

Call for proposals for financing of master’s excellence grants:

Deadline for application for master’s excellence grants:

April 26th, 2020

This program aims to encourage international students to pursue master’s-level training in earth systems, climate change and sustainability, the energy transition or societal challenges of environmental issues at French institutions of higher education.

International students may apply for support for one or two years of study toward a master’s degree by including in their application a letter of admission to a master’s program (first or second year) at a French institution of higher education.

Successful students will receive an excellence grant in the amount of €1,190 per month over 12 months (for students enrolling in the second year) and over 24 months (for those enrolling in the first year) - funding for repetition is not possible. Round-trip airfare will also be provided, as well as medical insurance.

Financing 12 month Post Doctoral research contracts:

Deadline for postdoctoral researchers: July 5th, 2020

This program aims to support international postdoctoral researchers wishing to conduct further research in France on a topic related to earth systems, climate change and sustainability, the energy transition, or societal challenges of environmental issues.

International researchers holding a doctoral degree (for less than 5 years) are encouraged to respond to this call for proposals. Candidates must include with their application a letter from a French host institution agreeing to host their research if the candidate’s proposal is accepted by the program. This letter has to detail the resources provided to carry out the research project. A possibility of co-financing can also be considered.

Institutions hosting the laureates will be financed to 50 000€ for a period of 12 months, per selected post-doctoral researchers.

Contact & information:

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