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A new national natural hazard research centre: now seeking contributing partners

Photo credit: Bushfire and Natural Hazards CRC

The new national research centre for disaster resilience and disaster risk reduction announced by the federal government in July 2020 is now due to begin operating in July 2021. The Bushfire and Natural Hazards CRC has been working on an establishment plan setting up governance and organizational structures, a 10-year research strategy, and the definition of an initial research agenda.

The Commonwealth has committed $85 million to the centre across 10 years, with the expectation that there would be co-investment from end-users. The CRC is now seeking partners to sign up, contribute to and influence the next decade of natural hazards research in Australia.

How to become a contributing partner?

The CRC has now been tasked to coordinate the process of actively seeking end-user partners to invest in the new centre and play a role in influencing how it runs. Investment in the centre will also allow partners to substantially leverage the funds they invest, by receiving access to the centre’s research output and expertise.

Please contact the CRC’s CEO Dr Richard Thornton for expressions of interest or more information:


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