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AFRAN NSW webinar: 5 years after the Paris Agreement: Green Growth, a Solution or an Oxymoron?

On the occasion of the 5-year anniversary of the Paris Climate Agreement, AFRAN NSW organised a webinar on several topics of common interest between the two countries, to take stock of the measures taken and to project what remains to be done into the future. The public policy aspects have been discussed (France/Australia comparison, differences in commitments in Australia between the federal level and the different states, etc.), as well as the concepts of decarbonization and carbon neutrality, to assess their compatibilities to economic growth.

Antoine Authom was the moderator of this webinar, with a great panel of speakers:

Diane Delaurens is a pro-bono advisor for the Shift Project on public policy. Diane is a public policy expert interested in making the world a more sustainable place. She writes about how philosophy can help us shape better public policy. She also founded an association of like-minded French public servants to advocate for sustainability in the French public service and policies.

Richard Proudlove manages the Net Zero Momentum Tracker ( This initiative collates and evaluates corporate and local government commitments and actions to monitor progress towards net zero by 2050 within key sectors of the Australian economy. Richard joined ClimateWorks in 2019 with twenty years experience providing engineering, project management and corporate consulting services, working across the utilities, transportation and telecommunications sectors. He has also published research on the potential role of community funded energy initiatives in supporting the realisation of Australian state and territory renewable energy targets.

Julien Gastaldi has 12 years' experience working on Climate Change, Waste Management, Pollution Pricing, Carbon Markets, Land Management and Community Development. Julien works through building loyal partnerships to redirect climate finance towards the realisation of local social, economic and environmental benefits. He is the chair of national carbon division of the Waste Management and Resource Recovery Association of Australia (WMRR).

Thank you to our AFRAN NSW team who organised this webinar: Lea Maguero and Antoine Authom!

Watch the webinar

Resources recommended by the panellists:

- The Power of Lo—TEK, by Julia Watson

- Fire Country, How Indigenous Fire Management Could Help Save Australia, by Victor Steffensen


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