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ASFS Conference 2023 - Call for abstracts

Bodies, material, virtual and imaginary, inform our way of being in the world. We live by the orientational metaphors that make sense of space with respect to the morphology of the body.

The recent resumption of face-to-face modes of socialising and working provides an occasion for renewed reflection on bodies and their im/potentialities. How has this prolonged period of working and socialising by Zoom inflected our understanding of body and space? How are hybrid modes of interaction reconfiguring our understanding of presence? What habits of body and mind, what postures and dis/positions have emerged? How is this being explored on francophone stages and screens, in writing and visual arts? How do these explorations relate to existing theoretical frameworks and past cultural productions? How has prolonged engagement with on-line learning shaped understandings of spatiality and performance of ‘Frenchness’ in on-campus classrooms? What role can our interdisciplinary research, conducted under the umbrella of French and Francophone Studies, play in teasing out these questions?

These are the questions explored during the next Australian Society for French Studies 31st Annual Conference 2023 on 6-8 December 2023

Body, Motion, Space

We invite proposals for individual papers (20 minutes) and for panels (3 papers of 20 minutes each) in French or English. We will also consider proposals that do not relate directly to the theme. Possible topics for discussion may include, but are not limited to:

• the body, transmission of memory, trauma

• dance pedagogy and somatic time

• body as canvas

• multisensoriality

• hybridity

• human and non-human bodies

• virtual bodies

• the body and desire

• embodied learning in the French classroom

Please send your proposal of 250 words and a short bio (100 words) or suggestion for panels, to by Monday 12 June 2023.

The Australian Society for French Studies (ASFS) exists principally to unite and represent the interests of those researchers, scholars, higher degree students and teachers working within a French Programme in the Australian Higher Education Sector.


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