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Follow up on FAR in Antarctica series of events

A series of events to promote Franco-Australian cooperation in the Antarctic and the Southern Ocean took place in Hobart from 16 to 18 February 2022, on the occasion of the 30th anniversary of the Madrid Protocol. Organized by the AFRAN Tasmanian Hub and the Embassy of France in Australia, these artistic and scientific events have highlighted the intensity of Franco-Australian ties and the importance of European and Australian role to play for the future of Antarctica.

The event opened with two medal awards from the Ministry of Europe and Foreign Affairs and the French National Committee for Arctic and Antarctic Research. Steven Chown, professor at Monash University in Melbourne, received the medal commemorating the 30th anniversary of the Madrid Protocol for the Protection of the Antarctic Environment. Stephen Wilkins was named a Knight of the Maritime Order of Merit for his work in Antarctic hydrography.

Far in Antarctica, or French-Australian Research in Antarctica, continued with several public sessions :

- The screening of two films by the famous French director Luc Jacquet: March of the penguins, on the history and biology of emperor penguins, and Ice and the Sky, which retraces the journey of French scientist Claude Lorius, one of the pioneers of polar paleoclimatology, or the study of ice cores.

- Two sessions of public scientific presentations followed the Franco-Australian scientific roundtables held in October 2021. These presentations addressed the themes of biodiversity in Antarctica, the fertilizing power of Antarctic ice, hydrography, the study of climate and the interest of Antarctica for astronomy.

- Two photography exhibitions: The exhibition A bird’s-eye view of Antarctica brought together photographs of the French polar agency IPEV (Institut Paul-Emile Victor), as well as photos of the Antarctic taken from space by the satellites of CNES (the French space agency) and Airbus. The exhibition End-of the World – Antarctica, curated by European and Australian artist Michaela Skovranova, explored the impact of climate change in Antarctica. End-of the World – Antarctica is on display until 27 April 2022 at the Institute of Marine and Antarctic Sciences in Hobart. Link

This first edition of the FAR – French-Australian Research – label has been very successful, and we hope to repeat this experience in future editions on different themes.


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