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Get a sponsorship to promote French language in Tasmania

Deadline: 24 May 2022

France Education International (FEI) just opened its recruitment campaign for the BELC in July 2022. (BELC: Bureau d'Enseignement de la Langue et de la Civilisation française à l'étranger - Office for teaching French laguage and civilisation)

The BELC sessions aim to train people involved in promoting and teaching French language, and to provide them with a certificate of competency in teaching French, managing a French-speaking program, training people, and evaluating their level.

This year’s edition will be available both online (1 to 4 weeks long, access to a limited number of modules) or in person (in France, 2 weeks long, access to all the modules).

The Embassy of France in Australia is looking for at least 1 candidate to attend the training in person in Nantes (France), from 11 to 22 July 2022. We will sponsor a grant to cover the travel and training costs for the selected candidate(s) who commit to the development of the French teaching system in Tasmania upon their return, especially through the creation of an immersion program.

Please complete the formula below to apply for the grant if you:

  • Teach/promote French in Tasmania (including as a FLE teacher, teacher of another subject taught in French language, course manager, director of a bilingual school, …) OR are planning to do so

  • Can demonstrate a level of French at least equal to B2 while not having French nationality

  • Are able to reinvest the skills acquired thanks to the BELC in Tasmanian-based projects or training for the next years

Download the application form:

Formulaire pour BELC Tasmanie
Download DOCX • 200KB


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