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Spatial Observation For New Caledonia

The third edition of the Spatial Observation for New Caledonia Conference will be held on 2, 3 and 4 November 2021.

Organized by ART GeoDEV NC and the Government of New Caledonia, with the support of the French State and the French Space Agency (CNES), OSS NC 2021 will be an opportunity to strengthen ties with the regional community through a bilingual plenary session across the South Pacific.

4 topics of interest will also be addressed within the Caledonian community:

Tuesday 2 November : OoTech (French sessions)

  • 9-11am (NC time): session on space observation and geomatics awareness

This session is designed to raise awareness among students, decision-makers and managers on the exploitation of spatial data and geomatics.

  • 3-5pm (NC time): DINAMIS

This 'side event' is dedicated to French-speaking institutional actors in the South Pacific region and aims to provide a global update on the progress of the DINAMIS initiative.

Wednesday 3 November : UNC

  • 7:30am-12pm: Regional plenary sessions (bilingual sessions)

The aim of this session is to get, through presentations of Pacific territorial geomatics communities, a better understanding of the organization and thematical priorities of those communities, thus helping in identifying possible collaborations between them and more particularly with the New Caledonian geomatic community. Presentation of regional initiatives dealing with Earth Observation (EO), processing and accessibility of spatial-imagery-based data for decision makers and users will complete those discussions.

  • 1-5:30pm: Thematic workshops (French sessions)

Benthic ecosystem mapping

Vegetation: measure and monitoring

Thursday 4 November: IRD (French sessions)

  • 8am-12:30pm: Thematic workshops (French sessions)


Continental erosion

More information on the website:

Download the program (in French):

Download PDF • 1.55MB


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