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Specialised and Advanced medical education degrees in France - Call for applications!

Deadline for application: 15 January 2021

French Hospital-University medical organisations are happy to welcome students for their specialized and advanced medical education degrees. Students from everywhere in the world will share the French culture of the practice of medicine and create a network with the higher specialists in France.


To be eligible, you need:

- A degree allowing you to practise medicine or pharmacy in your country of origin or country of residence. - To attend specialized medical or pharmaceutical training in your country of origin or residence and have at least two semesters of hospital functions to perform on November 1, 2020, for a Specialised Medical Education Degree. - A Medical or Pharmacist Specialist Diploma that enables the practice of the specialty in your country of origin or country of graduation, an Advanced Medical Education Degree.

Kind note:

Physicians and pharmacists selected for Specialised and Advanced Medical Education Degrees get a role as intern in public hospitals and are therefore public servants. In France, public servants are expected to be strictly neutral for religious matters, and are not allowed to show religious convictions in the performance of their duties.

If selected during the first step of the selection process, you will need to provide a proof of French language proficiency for the last step of the selection process.


To apply, you must download and fill the file below, or on this link, and send it to:

Candidature DFMS-DFMSA Dossier n°1
Download PDF • 793KB


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