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Study forest fire management in France!

The PSL Master’s in Life Sciences is an interdisciplinary Master’s programme that aims to prepare the next generation of scientists, engineers, and physicians to address emerging problems in contemporary biology, ecology and environmental science.

This master's degree is part of 2 PSL graduate programs: Earth Science and Biodiversity & Life sciences. It consists of 2 years (4 semesters). The courses are spread over 25 weeks of training, including a few weeks dedicated to cross-disciplinary skills.

It includes the forest fire management track, which offers tailor-made courses entirely in English to cover all types of forest environments, from boreal to tropical ecosystems. This higher education program is implemented in partnership with the French Civil Protection General Directorate that organize courses, field visits and exercises. Some internships and applied research topics can be proposed within this agency’s services.

Download the brochure

PPT Master FDF présentation version M3b
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