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The Democrite Project

I graduated as a military engineer from a French “Grande École d’Ingénieur” and my career always stayed focused on scientific developments and technical project management. My initial speciality was in explosives and warheads (senior expert), but I soon extended my interests to CBR risks and more generally to a broader approach of risks of various natures. My trigger towards entrepreneurship has been the DEMOCRITE research project I coordinated between 2014 and 2018. This project aimed at providing the Paris Fire & Rescue Service with an operational software platform for risk analysis and risk coverage.

The DEMOCRITE software platform is a geographic information system embedding:

  • Maps on past interventions (RETEX) to quantify risk probabilities.

  • Maps of human and social vulnerabilities.

  • Fast mapping of risk coverage / vehicle availability / residual risks.

  • Fast-running models for several risks: explosion, fire propagation, water quality/quantity…

I would like to build a research project with Australian and French partners (academic, industry, stakeholders and first-responders) in order to apply a similar approach to natural and/or industrial risks in Australia. We could focus on cities and suburbs first, with the identification and mapping of major stakes, fast-running models for the selected risks, risk coverage (if needed) and evacuation modelling. These are only my preliminary thoughts, and I am open to other ideas...

Contact: Emmanuel LAPEBIE


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