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The Fire and Rescue Service of Southern Corsica

The Fire and Rescue Service of Southern Corsica is the center of management of the many crises to which

Corsica is subjected, with, as an example for the year 2019:

- the storm Amélie Corsica (3 November 2019 - pumping operations in cellars and shops),

- the storm Fabien Corsica (21 December 2019 - 2 weeks of interventions, floods in the city of Ajaccio and

its periphery - national reinforcements - protection operation, pumping - closure of Ajaccio airport for 2


- the Bavella fire - Quenza (4 February 2020, 3 weeks of intervention with 5000 ha covered, one of the

most important winter fires in the history of Corsica),

- the torrential floods in Ajaccio (11 June 2020 - nearly 400 vehicles flooded - about 30 vehicles washed

away - 20 rescue actions carried out by first responders - 1 week of operations).

The Fire and Rescue Service of Southern Corsica proposes to carry out exchanges of experts or executives

(crisis managers or senior fire brigade officers) for immersion operations, in order to enrich their

experience in crisis centres and large operational structures.

This service has developed important links with the University of Corsica, based in Corte, and participates

in numerous scientific programs in order to develop R&D programs on firefighting and natural disasters

tools, or land use planning. It also offers the hosting of Post Docs (subject to funding) to introduce them

to its strategy of inter-departmental crisis management on all types of disasters (fires, storms, floods).

Finally, the Fire and Rescue Service of Southern Corsica offers training seminars for decision makers

responsible for safety and health issues, crisis managers, people engaged in collective actions in the public

or private sector, or actors in relief and care services. These seminars are intended to share expertise and

experience, but also to analyse practices and doctrines, and to review activities and outcomes in the field

of fire management and natural disasters.


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