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Winners of the Franco-Australian Social Science Collaborative Research Program

Four teams of social scientists from Australia, France and the Pacific will receive $20,000 in support from the Embassy of France and the Australian Academy of Social Sciences for interdisciplinary research projects on major societal issues.

In its third year, the Australia-France Social Science Collaborative Research Program aims to foster and strengthen collaboration in the social sciences between Australia and France. One of this year’s winners will study the self-recovery capacities of New Caledonian populations affected by a natural disaster. This approach, by allowing people to take the initiatives themselves for their recovery, promotes self-reliance and improves people’s resilience to disasters. Another project will attempt to trace the journey of the survivors of the La Pérouse expedition who disappeared off the Torres Strait. The other two projects, finally, will explore issues ranging from copyright to cultural appropriation, in the Pacific region where traditional culture is both the target of abusive commercialization and a potential source of development, and where intellectual property laws are poorly understood.

All these projects are expected to deepen collaboration in the social sciences between French and Australian institutions involved.


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