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1st International Sufficiency Conference

May 4th, 2023

UniSA Council Room, Hawke Building, 55 North Terrace Adelaide - 4.30 pm-7.30 pm


Sciences Po, Paris, Simone Veil Amphitheatre - 9:00 am to 12:00 pm

Why sufficiency?

Despite techno-optimism, climate policies around energy efficiency and decarbonisation of supply have failed in reducing emissions. The climate crisis with its ever-increasing greenhouse gas is escalating, daily impacting millions of citizens around the world.

However, hope for climate mitigation can be found in adopting ‘sufficiency’1 that focusses on decreasing the initial demand for energy and natural resources. It has the potential to reduce emissions of current policy scenarios by more than 50% in most end-use sectors.

Why this Summit?

Building upon our leadership in renewables, this Summit will position South Australia at the global forefront of the growing movement in Sufficiency and open collaboration networks involving policymakers, practitioners, and scientists.

Currently only France considers energy sufficiency as one key pillar to decarbonise the country’s economy. That must change. This International Summit is a first step to inform and connect crucial stakeholders to develop policies and practical solutions, where all involved may benefit. Through a global live international connection, sufficiency in the areas of Urban and Human Settlements, Clothing and Food will be discussed.

Why attend?

This is a unique opportunity to join front-runners making a difference in the Australian climate change arena that are relevant for your business and organisation – directly introducing you to global developments while connecting you in-person with Adelaide-based leaders, who are not often found in the same room, to begin future collaborations.


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