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Australian-French Bushfire Cross-sectoral exchange of knowledge webinar

1st June 2022 4.30-6.00 pm AEST / 8.30-10.00 am CEST

With the multiplication of crises related to climate and environmental changes, international collaborations in the field of bushfire and natural hazard management are more and more pertinent. Stronger links are being built between Australia and France among research teams, industries and fire and rescue services.

In this context, SAFE cluster, within the AFRAN initiatives framework, is organising a webinar to present the Australian landscape to French stakeholders, before the visit in Australia of a French delegation gathering researchers, end-users and companies.

This webinar should provide French and Australian researchers and industries a forum to share, discuss and appreciate current and future developments and activities pertinent to bushfire and other natural hazard emergencies across our two nations with final users and practitioners including governmental and emergency services agencies. It aims to capture strong interest in France and Europe in the Australian bushfire response and to foster research collaborations and industry partnerships.

SAFE Cluster is the French competitiveness cluster positioned in the Aeronautics & Space, Security & Safety, Defence and Environment (risks & resilience) sectors. It manages a network of more than 450 players (SMEs, large companies, research and training centres, end-users), 60% of whom are companies. SAFE Cluster is a member of the European Security Poles network and contributes to the European Commission’s research and development programmes.


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