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Coming soon - National Industry PhD Program Applications

The National Industry PhD Program, sustained by Australian Government funding, will support PhD candidates to undertake industry-focused research projects and be equipped with the knowledge and skills to better translate university research into commercialisation outcomes.

The Program consists of two streams:

  • Industry Linked PhD stream: Outstanding PhD candidates will undertake research projects co-designed by university and industry, with opportunities to be embedded in an industry setting and participate in a 12-week training program.

  • Industry Researcher PhD stream: Highly capable industry professionals who are supported by their employers will undertake PhD projects in partnership with a university while retaining industry employment and salary benefits.

Applications will open in 2023 with the Program commencing from 1 July 2023. Further details will be available early 2023. Note that international students can take part in the program. If interested in applying for this program, whether as a potential researcher, industry partner, PhD candidate or industry employee, you can already fill in this short Expression of Interest form. This will enable the program delivery partner, Campus Plus, to assist you.

More information available following this link.


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